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About Us

Gujarati Foods was founded by Urmila and Vallabh Patel in 1974. Born from a desire to celebrate the very best of their culture with a new Canadian community, over the past 35 years, Gujarati Foods has grown to become the largest and most established Gujarati caterer in the Greater Toronto Area.

Proud of their culinary traditions and catering experience, Gujarati Foods has brought in a new generation full of new and exciting energy. With a passion and love of food, restauranteur Jay Shil Kumar (aka “Jeej”) continues Gujarati’s ambition to ensure that every customer, be it a wedding or small business lunch, has the most delectable, delicious experience possible.

Through impeccable food and a smile, Gujarati Foods brings people together, celebrating life.
One of our earliest lessons as children in the Indian province of Gujarat, was that sweets are expressions of joy and happiness.

When a baby is born in our village of Dabhali, it is tradition to share this blessing by handing out desserts like to well-wishers. This is usually Penda for a boy or honey sweet Jalebi for the birth of a girl.

Food is the life-blood of any culture but in Gujarat it is sacred and a big part of how we celebrate memorable events such as weddings and religious festivals. By sharing sweets and savory home-cooked meals with loved ones, we in Gujarati also show love.

Named after our beloved home province, Gujarati Foods has been proudly sharing in the joy and happiness of our customers since we started our family run business in 1974.

We cook our traditional desserts and unique Gujarati dishes (often spiced with the comforting flavors of chili, coriander, bay leaves and black pepper), bringing people together all over the province, the same way a feast would in our village.

Whether you are rejoicing the festival of lights known as Diwali, the joy of a marriage or simply treating coworkers to a delicious lunch, let us make your loving celebration a little sweeter.

We look forward to meeting you.


UrmilaBen and VallabhBhai Patel

"We would definitely recommend using Gujarati Foods for anyone's wedding. The food was beyond excellent and they made planning our party much easier."

-Divya & Dharmesh Taylor, Scarborough, Ontario.

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