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Sweets and Snacks

For a unique twist to your late night orbar snack menu, consider our large assortment of tasty snacks and desserts to keep your patrons happy.

Our favourites include home-made kachori (fried flour balls stuffed with a spiced pea and ginger mixture that is served with a sweet tamarind chutney for dipping) and our secret ‘Patel family-recipe’ samosas, wrapped in a unique light, delicate pastry.

If a savory treat is what you fancy, we recommend traditional dhokla squares (light, airy chickpea flour cake scented with citrus, topped with mustard seeds, diced chili and cilantro). The first bite of dhokla is buttery and savory before a subtle yet dulcet heat emerges.

In all, we offer over 30 savory finger foods for you to choose from when designing your bespoke menu.

Because Gujarat is known for its sweets, we also have over 30 assorted desserts to enjoy such as jelebi, ladoo, almond barfi squares and penda. Contact us for a full comprehensive and descriptive menu.

"We would definitely recommend using Gujarati Foods for anyone's wedding. The food was beyond excellent and they made planning our party much easier."

-Divya & Dharmesh Taylor, Scarborough, Ontario.

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