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Catering with love!

Gujarati Foods is a full-service caterer focused on providing you with 100 % vegetarian food that is authentic and flavourful.  Whether it be for an intimate family dinner, a house warming, a Katha or a wedding for 800 of your closest friends & family, from our initial consult to the day of your special event, we will be there every step of the way to make sure your guests are delighted. 


Our commitment to preparing fresh food, with high-quality ingredients, in a hygienic facility has allowed us to be the largest Gujarati Caterer in North America, for more than 40 years.  Our clean, strictly vegetarian kitchen allows our customers to choose us for their events with confidence. 


It is the warm and genuine approach to our clients that sets us apart and gives you the freedom to enjoy your special day knowing that your event is in good hands.

We work closely with you to provide a customized menu, with traditional Gujarati dishes, but also trendy fusion dishes and even Chinese, Italian or Mexican menus to suit your event, as well as your budget and personal style.  


We take great pride in our ability to ensure that the freshness, quality and presentation of our food, as well as the attentiveness of our professional staff, are always top-notch.

We look forward to catering to your taste with our experience! 

Main Menu


Aloo Tikki

golden and crispy potato patties

Chaat Papdi

crispy puri topped with onion, potatoes, yogurt & chutneys

Chaat Samosa

bite sized samosa smothered in yogurt & tamarind chutney

Mari Mogo

cassava wedges seasoned with black pepper  


cassava wedges served with a hot chili pepper dip

Paneer Pakora

gram flour fritters with paneer pieces

Paneer Tikka Masala

cubes of paneer in a savoury tomato-based sauce with vegetables

Sev Roll

potato based filling rolled in crispy noodles

Spring Roll

vegetables wrapped in wonton wrappers

Vegetable Manchurian Dry

chinese style fritters with cabbage and other vegetables



Chora Dhokra

steamed squares made from black gram lentils


potato patty with peas & corn


lentil fritters soaked in a flavourful spiced yogurt with tamarind chutney


split yellow peas, soaked and steamed into fluffy cakes spiced with mustard seeds served with coriander chutney  


green pea filling in a crispy flaky wheat wrap

Mag Dal Dhokra

moong beans soaked and steamed served with coriander chutney

Methi Gota

fenugreek flavoured lentil based batter, fried into fritters served with green chillies

Methi Kela Bhajiya

fritters made with bitter fenugreek leaves and sweet bananas


Mix Bhajiya 

sliced vegetables, battered and fried - potato, onion, zucchini 

Mix Vegetable Pakoda

medley of chopped vegetables in a gram flour batter fried into fritters


crispy potato outside with coconut, coriander, nuts & raisins filling


Arbi leaves rolled with gram flour and spices steamed to perfection



Salads & Sides

Garden Salad

lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots with oil & vinegar dressing

Greek Salad

cucumber, peppers, tomatoes onions with feta cheese and vinaigrette

Kachumber Salad

chopped tomato, radish, onion, carrots - no dressing

Macaroni Salad

elbow pasta with feta cheese and oil based dressing (no mayo)

Mango Salad

sliced mango, onions, cucumber, peppers, cashews lime vinaigrette

Mixed Green Salad

bean medley, onion & peppers, oil & vinegar dressing


lentil chip roasted or fried


pickled mango - sweet or savoury



Aloo Methi 

dry curry of potato with fenugreek leaves

Baigan Patiala

north Indian style chunky eggplant and onion

Bataka Ringan

Gujarati recipe for eggplant and potatoes with tomatoes

Bharelu Shaak

traditional Gujarati vegetables, okra pods, bell peppers, small gourd, mini potatoes, eggplant, stuffed with a signature blend of spices and nuts


sauteed okra, curried and spiced 

Paneer Butter Masala

paneer pieces in creamy tomato sauce with vegetables sauteed in butter

Chole Chana

chickpeas stewed in tomato gravy  

Corn Paneer

corn and paneer in a creamy sauce

Dudhi Chana

classic farmhouse dish, squash with split peas

Kadhi Pakora

punjabi style gram flour dumplings in yogurt based gravy

Kaju Karela

bitter gourd balanced with rich and crunchy cashews

Kaju Curry

whole cashews in a cashew paste sauce

Kala Chana

black chickpeas prepared in a thick spicy sauce

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

north Indian bite sized potatoes with a thick sauce with cashews and raisins

Mag Dal

old world side dish of creamy lentils for serving with rice and kadhi  

Malai Kofta

vegetable fritters soaked in a creamy sauce

Matar Paneer

classic peas and paneer, option to add onions & garlic

Mix Vegetable

chunky chopped peppers, onions, mushroom sauteed with jeera

Navratan Korma

vegetable medley in a sweet & savoury cream sauce

Palak Paneer

paneer pieces in a spicy pureed spinach gravy

Panch Kathor

five lentils stewed together and tempered with mustard seeds

Potato Curry

potatoes in a light tomato-based sauce

Shahi Paneer

paneer in a tomato-based cream sauce


signature dish - potatoes spiced up with curry leaves, green chillies, cashews & raisins

Surti Undhiyu

signature dish -  classic surti style eggplant, papdi lilva, potato, peanuts


ivy gourd sliced and sauteed in a signature spice blend

Tindora Bataka

ivy gourd and potatoes, with ginger and green chillies

Turiya Patra

gourd pieces with arvi morsels  

Tuver Dal

signature dish - savoury and sweet lentil, tempered with curry leaves and spices

Tuver Ringan

traditional gujarati style pigeon peas and eggplant


whole broad beans, soaked and slow cooked

Vaal Dal 

split broad beans, stewed with ginger and green chillies

Vatana Ringan

green peas and eggplant with ginger and green chillies


Dal Makhani

punjabi style lentil blend, stewed until creamy

Gujarati Dal

signature dish - classic gujarati lentil, tempered with mustard seeds


yogurt base, ginger & green chillies tempered with fragrant curry leaves


yogurt side dish with cucumber and coriander

Tardka Dal

hearty split moong beans, stewed with ginger, with or without onion

Rice & Bread

Jeera Rice

fragrant basmati rice with jeera flavoured ghee

Masala Rice

plain rice, taken up a notch with herbs & spices


green peas and cashews in buttery basmati rice

Plain Rice

white basmati rice

Vegetable Biryani

basmati rice prepared with vegetables & spices


fluffy white dough baked in a tandoor


flaky flatbread layered with ghee



deep fried whole wheat, soft bread


traditional hand rolled paper thin Gujarati style roti with ghee


Angoor Basudi

bite sized chum chum in creamy basudi


thick and rich, milk based, slow cooked and reduced to perfection

Beet Halvo

fresh shredded beets cooked in milk and ghee add a pop of colour to your table

Boondi Ladoo

signature item, gram flour drops, formed into a ladoo ball

Dry Fruit Halvo

walnuts, almonds, pistachios sweetened pudding

Dudh Pak

creamy milk-based sweet, cooked with rice

Dudhi Halvo

fresh gourd shredded and cooked with milk & nuts

Gajar Halvo

shredded carrots cooked with milk & nuts

Gor Ladoo

traditional specialty for religious ceremonies made with wheat flour, jaggery & ghee

Gulab Jamun

signature item - soft dough drops soaked in syrup


signature item -  crispy, fried funnel cake treat soaked in syrup

Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand

thick yogurt sweetened and flavoured with premium saffron and cardamom


rustic style cracked wheat with ghee and nuts


gram flour and ghee squares with cardamom and nuts

Mag Dal Siro

sweetened split moong lentils, prepared with ghee and nuts

Mango Rus

side dish of pure mango pulp

Mango Shrikhand

thick yogurt flavoured with pure mango pulp


signature item, gram flour, roasted and sweetened


signature item - toor lentils sweetened & spiced, hand rolled into roti


north Indian classic dessert made from paneer and soaked in sweet milk

Sugar Ladoo

traditional ceremonial ladoo balls, wheat flour, ghee & sugar


Book a personal consultation with our catering team

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