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Our history

The dream first started in 1976, when my father Vallabhbhai left his home in the Charotar area of Gujarat. He missed the taste of the crunchy, salty, spicy snacks from home. Lucky for him, my mom, Urmilaben, who is an impeccable cook, was able to recreate the taste he missed so much.  It was his entrepreneurial spirit that saw the potential need in the market and set about to meet that need.


How could he have known that the GTA would become home to so many fans of Gujarati food? This dynamic duo came up with the idea to produce and provide top quality Gujarati snacks to the masses, quickly growing their small business into what Gujarati Foods is today.


I’m proud to say we are the largest Gujarati caterer in North America now, with a retail outlet that serves your cravings for fresh, tasty, authentic Gujarati food.


Jayshil, my husband, and I have taken the reins and are excited to continue to grow and expand my parents’ dream. We offer a variety of vegetarian cuisine dedicated to our motherland.


As our own family is growing, we identify strongly with other parents in the desire to have our children experience our traditional flavours. 


This is why we are committed to providing food that is made from wholesome ingredients that you can serve to your family with confidence.


Our catering business continues to grow as we provide a special experience you can’t get anywhere else. This sentiment gets repeated every summer as wedding guests from other places attend local events.  The most heard comment is “we don’t have anything like this available where we live.”


Whether you’re Ismali, Jain, or just looking for great vegetarian eats, from baby showers to feeding thousands at the Morari Bapu Katha, our team is dedicated to ensuring that our food is flawless, regardless of the size of your event.


So let our family cater your next event and transport you back to your homeland through your tastebuds!




Beena and Jayshil Patel

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