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Message from the President

Food plays an important role in the evolution of society, I’m so proud that Gujarati Foods is constantly evolving.  


As our company continues to grow and evolve I find myself reflecting on how things have changed over the years.  From driving all over the Toronto Area myself, making deliveries of our products to attending glamorous weddings and watching guests enjoy the food we have prepared.  I am amazed at how far the company and I have come.    


So much of my own identity is tied to this business, so many of our customers are more like family than customers.  Vallabhbhai and Urmilaben Patel began this business and I am grateful to have inherited this community that holds the values and traditions of Gujarat so dearly.  I know I am fortunate to have the opportunity to bring that little slice of home to each of our customers.  


Growing up in Dharmaj, I would never have guessed that I would have the chance to be in the hospitality industry and that I would get to be a part of so many peoples major life events.   Today I take this part of the job very personally and my staff and I work hard to ensure that everything you purchase from us meets your standard for taste, quality, authenticity and hygiene.


We are one of the largest Gujarati Food manufacturing companies outside of India and we take much pride in providing high quality, tasty food items.  But we are not so big that we forget that the customer comes first.   Our items are made in small batches to ensure flavour, quality and freshness.  


Thank you for allowing us onto your table and to be part of your life’s celebrations, I look forward to a spicy, tasty future ahead. 


- Jayshil Patel 

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Message From Jayshil
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Our Values

Integrity ensures that we do what we say we do.   Preparing foods that we would happily serve to our own family with fresh ingredients, manufactured in a hygienic facility.

Humility allows us to be open and honest in our communication with each other and our customers. 


Tradition gives us the opportunity to help others carry on the traditions of our families and ancestors in Canada. 


Innovation lets us create dazzling new recipes while adhering to the food traditions of India, but still maintaining strict principles of vegetarianism. 


Community helps us to create a supportive and nurturing environment within our organization but also fosters a sense of belonging for our customers.

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