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Bombay Bhel

chowpatty style street classic, sev crispies, puffed rice, potatoes, chana drenched in chutneys

Corn Bhel

fresh ingredients, corn, cucumber, tomatoes with chutneys


steamed rice cakes

Kathi Roll

spicy vegetable filling wrap served with chutney


lentil rice fritter with a doughnut hole, perfect for chutney

Mexican Bhel

crispy tortilla squares tossed with a bean mix, jalapenos, green onions and corn, served with sour cream, cheddar and salsa

Pani Puri

house-made mint coriander pani for dipping potato-filled puri

Papdi no Lot

steamed rice flour with green chillies served with peanut oil


signature item, street food classic, vegetable mash served with toasted buns

Ragda Patis

savoury pea curry served over crispy potato patties


yogurt side dish with cucumber and coriander


South Indian style lentil stew loaded with vegetables

Vada Pav

urban breakfast favourite, aloo vada served in a bun with chutneys

Vegetable Biryani

basmati rice prepared with vegetables & spices

Vegetable Fried Rice

hakka chinese style rice with vegetables

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

hakka style noodles with cabbage, carrots, onions


old world ice cream dish served with noodles and nuts

Gulab Jamun

signature item, soft dough drops soaked in syrup

Ice Cream

assorted flavours available to suit your menu


traditional rich, creamy frozen milk on a stick

Mango Milk Shake 

refreshing blend of vanilla ice cream and mango pulp


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